Transforming 5 acres of land to a Learning Oasis

Case Study

For 20 years, Woodfield Academy has been the only local school specifically designed for students with diagnosed learning differences or developmental disorders. GreenbergFarrow’s partnership will strive to create and maintain a space that reflects its ideology and give the students the best possible opportunity to succeed.

The community of Woodfield Academy were given the chance to let their voices and preferences be heard early on. Site visits, meetings with students and the board of directors allowed for creative and innovative solutions.

GreenbergFarrow utilized essays and sketches from students to draft the masterplan, which will transform nearly 5 acres in a 4 phase rollout.

The masterplan reflects the pulse of the school’s objectives and budget, and includes an amphitheater, multiple nature trails, treehouses, outdoor study halls, gardens, tree table classrooms, and more.

“The excitement, energy and creative direction that the students provided through their drawings and words inspired us to create a nature-smart plan that will allow the Woodfield Community to explore and engage with the natural environment.” — Liz Cole, Senior Project Manager, GreenbergFarrow

The collaborative effort tackled the task of creating a niche environment of functionality and tangible learning opportunity. With the completion goal of three years, the campus will be transformed for the benefit of the students and the broader community to enjoy.

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