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Founded in 1974, GreenbergFarrow is a fully integrated architecture, engineering, planning, landscape architecture and development services firm offering a comprehensive range of services to the development, residential, and retail communities. Strategically located in offices nationwide, as well as China and Mexico, GreenbergFarrow employs over 250 professionals.

GreenbergFarrow’s list of clients includes an impressive array of some of the nation’s most prestigious developers and residential and retail clients. With a pragmatic approach, GreenbergFarrow treats every project as though we are an equity partner, and offer solutions that reflect a thorough understanding of our clients’ objectives.


Greenberg Founded

Martin Greenberg establishes Greenberg Associates in Atlanta, GA

Greenberg Associates Architects.png
Larry Farrow Joins Firm

The Home Depot

J.C. Penny recommends firm to founders of a new start-up home improvement retailer which leads to a commission for the first Home Depot store in Atlanta

photos.medleyphoto.2308318.jpg The Home Depot Program
Firm grows to 15 employees

Larry Farrow Becomes Partner

Firm name changed to Greenberg Farrow Associates

Office Opens in Los Angeles

Office opens in Los Angeles, CA, in conjunction with The Home Depot’s west coast expansion

GreenbergFarrow Established

Firm name changed to GreenbergFarrow Architecture Incorporated

Office opens in Somerville, NJ

300 Projects completed by GreenbergFarrow

Electrical Engineering Department Established

MEP Services
Office opens in Chicago, IL
  • 131 Employees
Civil Engineering Department Established

Civil Services
Information Technology
  • Information Systems Department formed
  • Wide area network established to link all GFA offices
GreenbergFarrow is Rebranded

Office opens in New York, NY

IMG_0688_lr v3.jpg
25 Year Anniversary

Office opens in Dallas, TX

Over 1,000 Home Depots and Home Depot Expo stores completed by GreenbergFarrow

Essie Ghadrdan is Appointed CEO

Office opens in Boston, MA

Added Development Services

Development Services
GreenbergFarrow is Rebranded

Office opens in Columbus, OH

International Offices Open
Launch of New Website and Social Media Campaign

Office opens in Appleton, WI

Expanded Landscape Architecture and Planning Services

Landscape Architecture Services
Added Asset Management Services

Asset Management
40th Anniversary

Office opens in Philadelphia, PA

Office opens in Bentonville, AR

Structural Engineering offered as an in-house service

Structural Engineering Services
Office opens in Denver, CO

Office opens in Portland, OR

International Offices open in Bogota, Colombia and Monterrey, Mexico

Latin America
300+ Employees

GreenbergFarrow is Rebranded and Logo is updated

New Organizational Structure

New Organizational Structure: Chief Operating Officer (COO), Keith Johnston; a Business Development Managing Principal, John Nourzad; and a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Rod Abney, that report to the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Essie Ghadrdan.


GreenbergFarrow is a unique organization and one of the industry's most successful firms. The firm's uniqueness and success are based on the belief in genuine employees with potential. GreenbergFarrow offers a foundation for employees to build an enriched professional career, as well as competitive benefits.

"When asked what kind of person I'd like to come to work for GreenbergFarrow, I say that, while I value and look for knowledge and experience, I am no less interested in personality. To me, the ideal employee is intelligent, original and independent. We're interested in people with growth potential - individuals who can make a rich, long-term contribution to the firm while enhancing and developing their professional career. We want the very best. And to get you - and keep you - we've built the company on a unique combination of diversity and security.

What does that mean? People who join us in one capacity can move to different departments, accumulating an enormous amount of collective knowledge and ability. The potential exists for any employee to develop within a discipline and shift to another department, or even discipline, enjoying a number of experiences as your career develops.

As an employee-owned firm, all of us have a stake in our future and a share in our success. Self-ownership also means steady-handed management, rooted in a sense of responsibility. We're a unique organization and one of the industry's most successful thanks to our belief in finding people with potential and enabling them to realize it. GreenbergFarrow can be the foundation upon which you build an enriched professional career."

-Essie Ghadrdan, President and CEO