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John Kerekes AICP, NJPP, ESQ.

Director of Land Development / Associate Principal

Educated as an architect, city planner, and attorney, Mr. Kerekes brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to the industry for the client’s benefit. With 24 years of experience in real estate development from both the private- and public-sectors, Mr. Kerekes has been before nearly every form of approval entity and/or governmental agency. He has practiced as an attorney with experience in land use, real estate transactions and environmental matters. The spectrum of projects that Mr. Kerekes has completed includes retail stores, power centers, commercial office building, warehouse and industrial spaces, including alternative energy initiatives. Nearly 40% of the completed projects have included the take-over of vacant structures and renovations to dilapidated and environmentally-contaminated structures. His past employment as a federal employee provides vast contacts and knowledge of governmental regulations and practices.