GreenbergFarrow Expands Architectural Expertise with Acquisition of DBI Architects


GreenbergFarrow (GF), a nationally-known and respected architectural and engineering firm based in Atlanta, celebrated for its exceptional designs in the retail sector, has announced the acquisition of DBI Architects, Inc., in Reston, Virginia. This strategic move underscores GF’s commitment to global leadership, expanding its portfolio and services. DBI is a renowned design firm recognized for its innovative projects across various sectors.

Since its inception in 1973, DBI has offered a full range of architecture and interior design services, demonstrating broad expertise, while advancing the practice of design. DBI creates cutting-edge environments for the commercial real estate community, federal government agencies, corporations, schools, technology firms and the hospitality industry. DBI is also an emerging regional provider of design for multifamily and mixed-use development. The firm’s location in the DC Metro region has positioned DBI to address the needs of a robust and growing market.

Keith Johnston, President and CEO of GF, emphasized the strategic alignment with DBI Architects: “This acquisition is a pivotal step in our journey to diversify our expertise and enhance our architectural and design capabilities. DBI’s impressive portfolio, spanning sectors including commercial, residential, and educational facilities, complements our strengths and opens new avenues for innovation and excellence.”

While maintaining its brand and organizational structure, DBI Architects will leverage GF’s extensive resources and broader market access, heralding a new era of growth and collaborative opportunities. This synergy is anticipated to drive innovation, enhance service offerings, and deliver integrated solutions that resonate with contemporary design trends and client expectations.

Al Storm, President of DBI, added, “Joining GF marks a significant milestone for DBI, expanding our horizons, and allowing us to offer our expertise in architecture, repositioning, and interior design within a larger framework. The benefits are clear, for DBI and for our clients. We’re excited about our collaborative prospects and we’re eager to contribute to the shared vision and capabilities of our combined entities.”

While the financial details of the acquisition remain confidential, both firms express enthusiasm for the future, anticipating collaborative successes that will define new industry standards. GF continues to eye further acquisition opportunities, aiming to cement its position as a versatile and innovative leader in the architecture and engineering sectors.