Brookhaven Parks

ProgramBrookhaven, Georgia

Completed in 2016, the final City-Wide Park System Master Plan includes site specific park plans, phasing plans for future development and associated line item cost estimates for proposed improvements.

To date, implementation of the proposed improvements have resulted in the creation of Skyland Park, Georgian Hill Open Space Field Park, Clack’s Corner Park, Murphey Candler Park Open Space Field, Briarwood Treehouse Play Zone, Murphey Candler Nature Play Zone, Briarwood Nature Trail and the Murphey Candler Multi-Use Trailway.

Blackburn Park

Briarwood Park

Murphey Candler Park Creative Playground

County Corner at Murphey Candler Park

Georgian Hills

Clack's Corner

Skyland Park

Pavilions and Restrooms

GreenbergFarrow provided prototype design and engineering services for two different size restroom facilities and a pavilion for the City of Brookhaven, GA. These three prototypes will be utilized at 12 different parks throughout Brookhaven, GA. The new facilities will emphasis on design solutions that embrace sustainable features. The prototypes incorporate reclaimed and local materials, natural daylighting, and energy efficient mechanical systems.

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