TCTC Physical Plant Storage Building

GF conducted TCTC’s Utilization and Space Needs Analysis along with an Academic Master Plan, revealing the necessity for a new storage building to support the College’s physical plant. Tasked by TCTC, GF provided Architecture and Engineering services for the construction of the new storage facility adjacent to the existing physical plant building, intended to accommodate equipment and furniture for the College’s campus. 

Pendelton, SC
4,266 SF
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In collaboration with our team of engineers, GF prepared comprehensive construction documents for OSE approval, pricing, and construction. These documents included a code analysis, a life safety plan, floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, door schedules and types, as well as landscape files and documents from each engineering discipline (Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil). 

GF facilitated construction administration services, conducting on-site meetings, reviewing submittals, and providing necessary assistance throughout the project’s completion.