Zaxby’s, a fast-food restaurant headquartered in Athens, Georgia, specializes in chicken wings, chicken fingers, and sandwiches. With over 900 locations, GF has provided comprehensive architecture, engineering, and development services to support the chain’s growth across the Southern United States. 

Throughout the Southern US
3,300 – 3,800 SF
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In a notable collaboration, Zaxby’s partnered with GF Construction and Frey-Moss to introduce their Drive-Thru Only concept, utilizing innovative prefabricated building technology. Located in Clemson, this project involved replacing an existing Zaxby’s restaurant, demonstrating a commitment to efficiency and innovation. By embracing modular construction, Zaxby’s not only accelerated the project timeline but also maintained high-quality standards. This collaborative effort marks a milestone in the fast-food industry, showcasing the potential of prefabricated structures to revolutionize traditional restaurant construction methods while enhancing the customer experience.