Energy Engineering

United States

GF’s Energy Engineering expertise spans across Solar Power Solutions, Natural Gas Fueling Stations, and Fuel Cell Power Generators. The initial planning process of an Energy Project requires a great deal of negotiation with local jurisdictions, utility companies, and governing agencies. GF’s team works through the terms and while discussing and making determinations on such issues as: topography and boundary surveys, grading, stormwater mitigation, retention features, fire suppression planning, options for mounting systems, and the need for an Operations and Maintenance building.


Design Review for Energy Efficiency (Savings By Design)
Measurement and Verification
Simulation of Energy Use by Buildings and Processes
Self Generation and Alternative Energy Sources
Energy Project Management
Piping & Pressure Vessels Design & Engineering
Material and Corrosion Engineering
Specialized Research and Analytical Services
Clean Natural Gas Engineering Gas
Liquefy Natural Gas Engineering Design
Charging Station Design
Fixed and Tracking PV Solar Array Engineering
Facility & Targeted Energy Assessment

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