River Oaks Elementary Interiors & Signage(橡树河小学室内设计与标牌)

GF provided the interior design theme, interior graphics, and exterior signage design services for the new River Oaks Elementary School. The four classroom corridors were each given a theme of earth, wind, air, or water; interior finishes and furnishings were selected to corodinate with each theme’s color scheme.

The corridors also feature interactive dashboards and environmentally-focused signage to further enhance the respective themes. Custom shaped shaped acoustical panels in the multipurpose room and cafeteria bring additional visual interest to these spaces. GF was also responsible for exterior signage design for the school’s nature trail, rain garden, and an interactive pathway for students and neighboring residences. This project was designed in compliance with Horry County School’s design guidelines.*

默特尔比奇 (Myrtle Beach, SC)
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