Auchan Jiaxing Shopping Mall


GF worked with its client, Immochan, to make Auchan Jiaxing Shopping Mall a landmark destination, in Jiaxing, China for retail among the 67 other shopping centers in the country. The 270,000 SF interior design encapsulated Hello City’s positioning – Discover a Magic Life and Fun – to promote an elevated shopping experience. After in-depth studies and an understanding of local needs, the GF team implemented unique and innovative features.

The GF team wanted the shopping mall design to reflect Immochan’s brand and vision; the goal was to create a community lifestyle within the shopping center. The team achieved this goal by carefully considering the details.

To avoid a traditional open space atrium, within the three-floor mall, the team wanted to use the space to achieve a balance of commercial space and leasing area; to achieve this, “Magic Boxes” were installed. At the base of the atrium, thirteen Magic Boxes are programmed with activities such as boutique stores, pop-up retail, rest areas, and more.

The Magic Boxes are irregularly stacked to mimic stacked gift boxes, create an interesting space for customers, and align with the comfortable, unique, and exciting theme of the mall. Stairs were added around the boxes to increase horizontal and vertical circulation and improve the commercial value of the shops.

The GF team leveraged technology for a more interactive environment, that is not only featured in the Magic Boxes but integrated around the mall as well to create a “Phygital” Playground; The physical and digital worlds come together for a more personalized experience. To enhance the mall’s aesthetic even more, vibrant accent colors were applied to signage and furniture, as well as inviting modular ceilings and floor patterns. The different digital and physical attractions meet all consumer needs, attracting young adults and families with small children.