About GF

Building together has been in our DNA right from the very beginning.

A global team unifying architecture, engineering, planning, and development.

Since its inception with Martin Greenberg and Larry Farrow, GF has been dedicated to fostering collaboration and embracing diverse talents and perspectives. Working with GF means having an end-to-end team at your fingertips. By bringing different teams and talent together, you no longer have the stress of managing multiple partners.

A word from our CEO

“At GF, our dedication lies in creating an exceptional and distinctive client experience. We take pride in identifying and prioritizing successful results for clients across the nation and around the world. What sets our approach apart is a seamless integration of diverse expertise through architecture, engineering, planning, landscape architecture, and interior design, forming a cohesive and specialized unit.

We don’t just assemble groups. Our process is to thoughtfully leverage our in-house expertise to curate professionals uniquely tailored to capture the distinctive opportunities that a project presents. As tireless problem solvers, we blend practicality with creativity to ensure superior design and secure a solid return on investment. At GF, it’s more than completing a project; it’s about providing you with an unparalleled client experience that seamlessly combines architectural innovation with tangible real world results.”

– Keith Johnston

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