Nature in an Urban Environment


Located in Zhuhai, China, on Hengqin Island, GF’s goal of this 700,000 SF project was to create a strong connection with nature while providing the utmost luxury living experience.

With the exponential growth of residential buildings on the island, the client tasked GF with developing a mixed-use building with a monumental selling point for residential buyers. With the project’s waterfront location, views, and weather, GF was able to design the perfect selling point: luxury residences equipped with infinity pools.

The infinity pools brought a unique feature to the residency, a seamlessly integrated indoor/outdoor façade system, which moves remotely and opens to the infinity pool. This design created a strong connection with nature while located in an urban environment.

Within the two towers, each of the one-hundred and two units across 20 stories have a private outdoor deck equipped with outdoor pool and automated sliding glass walls. The glass walls are one-of a kind and engineered specifically for this project.

The floor to ceiling automated sliding walls are 4m tall and 2.5m wide. They are designed on tracks that, with the push of a button, expand the living room to an outdoor deck and private lounge pool.

The challenge was developing a structure and plan that could consider every unit for each of the 20 stories. Above 10 stories the wind load and structural consideration for pools became a challenge, however, the end result is truly a beautiful and unique experience.

The system developed will separate the residential development from the surrounding competition and, more importantly, create a wonderful indoor/outdoor living experience for the residents to come.