North Carolina & The Sunbelt Market With Ryan Carver


Ryan Carver has been a licensed architect, entrepreneur, and commercial real estate investor in Charlotte, North Carolina, for over 25 years. He has been closely following the trends in the North Carolina and Sunbelt markets, and using his background in developer relations, he has been able to provide valuable insights and accurately predict what will come next. Ryan continues to be a vital part of the SGA|NW firm’s advances in the multifamily industry and is a leader in the regional southeast. Delving into the developments of 2023’s most business-friendly state and Sunbelt markets, Ryan shares his insight on navigating the multifamily industry:

The Queen City’s and the broader Sunbelt region’s markets are booming. Developers and investors in the area remain confident in the strong fundamentals of the market. The recent announcement about inflation has been encouraging and has further balanced the market outlook regarding the nation, particularly for the Queen City of Charlotte. According to the Winston-Salem Journal, North Carolina was ranked as the most business-friendly state in the country. Promising rankings like this translate into low taxes, a growing economy, a highly educated and skilled workforce, and access to capital. This recognition has bolstered investor sentiment and stimulated development activity in the region. It is no surprise that the influx of new businesses and industries has created a ripple effect of job growth and economic prosperity for Queen City.

The Sunbelt region (Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas) have the most prominent market outlook as areas that are arguably the most desirable in which to live. There has been a large impediment to inflation across the country. In these regions, developers are maintaining their confidence in the strong principles that attract not only institutional investors but also a workforce. Recently, there was an announcement regarding no further increases in interest rates, which conveyed a positive outlook for the market. With this news, investors can take advantage of the timing to create opportunities with more potential upside. Keeping these factors in mind, the Sunbelt is an attractive option for people looking to invest and relocate.

Although there may be some temporary uncertainty in the short term due to headwinds across the country, the overall outlook remains strong in the sunbelt. Institutional investors continue to be attracted to the region due to its affordability and pro-business policies, which are both critical components of long-term success. With the combination of a skilled labor market, low taxes, and a supportive business climate, the Queen City and Sunbelt regions are equipped for continued prosperity. This has allowed development to spread to smaller markets surrounding metropolitan areas that have been traditionally overlooked in the past but have new life due to a cheaper cost of living, a better quality of life, and flexible remote work policies. Movement in smaller markets is a great indicator of long-term stability. It is safe to say that currently, the Queen City and the Sunbelt have the potential to grow exponentially and continue to spearhead development in the region.

About Ryan Carver: Ryan Carver, Managing Director of SGA|NW, a GF design company, is a licensed architect with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Many of these years have been spent consulting in private development, creating client relationships, managing design teams, offering advice on marketing trends & business, as well as mentoring team members. With an entrepreneurial spirit and design-build origins, Ryan Carver was the winner of the Traveling Fellowship Award and serves on the ULI Affordable Housing Committee. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is AIA, CDT, and NCARB certified.

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