Adapt Micro Units

An innovative and super-efficient layout of residential living has allowed for the maximization of units within tight site constraints. Rising 10 stories, HoMeCuBeD contains 63 units within the small envelope of 34,060 SF above grade. The apartments were conceived of as stackable bricks that create uniformity, and reduce the number of odd conditions within the building. By respecting zoning constraints, the envelope erodes at the top to allow light into the upper floors and introduce outdoor space on multiple levels. The uniformity of the interior spacing is readily apparent in the expression of the gridded façade, reinforcing the ideals of repetition and efficiency.

New York, NY
The Beechwood Organization
31,000 SF / 63 Units
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Floor to ceiling glass maximizes the opportunity for tenants to control natural light that enters their space. The re-imagined apartments are roughly 300 square feet in size. This is in direct response to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s challenge to provide a new kind of living space that supports the lifestyle of single urban professionals. People are working longer, eating out more, utilizing the city itself as their social center- as one giant living room. This change of lifestyle minimizes the need for apartment units conceived 100 years ago when the space needs of the dweller revolved around the need to house a family. HoMeCuBeD represents this shift by providing living spaces that much more flexibility, allowing the user to convert spaces into living/dining/sleeping as needed. Beds fold up, tables tuck away, walls slide into position either hiding or revealing storage space. Users can program the space in a manner that best suits their needs at any time of day.