Pedregal Britania Club

The Pedregal Britania Club is located south of Mexico City, within the Colonia Santa Teresa neighborhood.

The design of the shopping center came from the idea of making a space that is more open and distinguished in comparison to a common service center. One of the main project focuses was to take advantage of the environmental restrictions of the land; to conserve existing trees and aid in the recovery of the Santa Teresa River, the project was designed around maintaining the circulations on the facade.

The building consists of four levels: a basement, an intermediate level of parking lots, and two levels of convenience stores (which are divided in front of the street in half levels to complement the environment and create commercial corridors visible from the outside). Additionally, GF relocated the previous tennis club inside the new building of the shopping center, which created a multipurpose building and integrated its original use as part of the program.

Col Santa Teresa, Mexico
370,000 SF
Services Used
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