Early College High at HGTC

Located on the HGTC campus, the Early College High provides higher education experience to students in the Horry County School District as they complete their high school studies. A large commons area, provided in lieu of a traditional high school cafeteria and functions more as a food court, where students can select food from various stations and check-out at central location. Furnishings for the are movable, promoting flexibility and collaboration.

On a day-to-day basis, the commons is an open space for students to study and work with one another on projects or assignments. Tables can be folded and stacked to provide large open spaces for events or assemblies, and tables can be combined for larger group arrangements. Classrooms and science labs which are not assigned to single teachers are equipped with technology and furnishings to meet different classroom instruction. Tables and chairs are all on wheels to promote flexibility, and furniture can be easily arranged into various configurations for instruction, testing, and collaboration.

The science labs follow this same design, providing a smaller lab classroom footprint with more versatility. Departmentally organized teacher office pods promote collaboration between faculty members, and also provide personal space outside of the shared classrooms.

Conway, SC
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