Everbrook Academy

GF designed the first completed Everbrook Academy in Woodbury, Minnesota, a 21st Century Preschool created by Learning Care Group (LCG). GF worked hand-in-hand with LCG to incorporate the “Everbrook” theme and S.T.E.M.-based learning elements.

The building’s exterior is representative of a contemporary school with the entrance highlighted by a full height glass curved wall and a glass waterfall feature.

Woodbury, Minnesota
11,000 SF
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The waterfall feature represents a living brook and the nurturing flow of ideas in the learning environment. The interior incorporates technology, graphics, millwork, and finishes that exemplify the contemporary preschool model.

In addition to individually designed age-based classrooms, “The Brook,” is a multi-purpose room which includes a library wall with reading nooks, Eye-Play Video System, tinker wall and binary station.