Wuhan Pavilion

Wuhan Pavilion is located in the Wuhan Jiangxia District approximately 30 miles from Wuhan City Center. GF’s vision for China Fortune Holdings Ltd.’s new sales pavilion was to challenge the conventional real estate marketing building; this was done by creating a new typology of the retail-integrated exhibition pavilion. The architectural building form was inspired by local Chinese traditional elements to create a landmark building.

The 33,370 SF pavilion will serve as a vibrant social community structure with a visitor viewing platform located on the roof level, which oversees the surrounding context covered by an iconic roofscape. The elevated exhibition space above has a retail level with a multi-functional central arena. A central iconic loop ramp connects all the functional spaces vertically, allowing visitors to flow through the building seamlessly.

GF developed the design from concept through to construction.

Wuhan Jiangxia District
China Fortune Holdings Ltd
33,370 SF
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